Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No. 3: Revolver

Band: The Beatles
Album: Revolver
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: It's got some of the best contributions from each Beatle. The Beatles reached out significantly, sound-wise. As far as songwriting, the record spans political (“Taxman”) to the somber love song (“For No One”) to the Eastern (“Love You To”) to the straight up love song (“Here, There and Everywhere”). Also, a fantastic silly song that includes both Ringo and longshoremen sound effects (“Yellow Submarine”). Quite simply, it's a fantastic record and I dare you to find a flaw on it.
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: It should be number one.
Best song: Pick it. Personally, I like “Tomorrow Never Knows” this week, but I'm sure I'd love “She Said She Said” tomorrow or “I'm Only Sleeping” the next day or “For No One” the next.
Worst song: I don't really like “Eleanor Rigby” as much as the other songs, but it would still be the best song on 99.9% of all albums.
Is it awesome?: There is no argument. “Revolver” is awesome.

I'm not sure as to why people argue for “Rubber Soul” or “Sgt. Pepper's” as the best Beatles album when “Revolver” exists. I could see “Abbey Road” (largely for finality's sake) but “Revolver came out in the same period and is basically flawless. Again, I'm not the biggest “Eleanor Rigby” fan, but a lot of people fancy it the best “storytelling” Beatles song. “Tomorrow Never Knows” is in the pantheon of greatest songs ever and “For No One” is one of the few introspective, pretty, sad Macca songs (considering he's the guy who did “Maxwell's Silver Hammer”). It has the most Harrison, per album with a whopping three songs, all of which are fantastic. It has the Broadway bombast of “Got to Get You Into My Life” and the classic love song of “Here, There and Everywhere.” Again, it's beautiful.

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toppop100 said...

I'm not convinced. I think 'Yellow Submarine' would be OK as a B-side but on an album it's ridiculous. George's songs are OK but hardly masterpieces. Paul's music is a little weak here, too, in my opinion and none of the tracks he wrote on this album rank among my favourite McCartney songs. (I much prefer his stuff on Sgt. Pepper.) For me, this album is really a John Lennon moment.