Wednesday, July 4, 2007

No. 46: Legend

Band: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Album: Legend
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: Well, Marley is the most important artist in the history of his genre. This greatest hits package is the introduction to his music for a lot of people.
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: Um. As I've mentioned, I have questions about the concept of greatest hits albums on the list, especially considering the placement of about a million other Marley records on the list.
Best song: It's a greatest hits package.. They're all pretty good.
Worst song: Eh. Greatest hits.
Is it awesome?: It is, but it's still a greatest hits package.

There's an inherent problem with some artists. They may not be album artists in the same sense as Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin or something, but they've put out a million great songs.

Chuck Berry is an example of this, hence "The Great Twenty-Eight" being the example. James Brown is, as well (we'll see that in a few weeks with "Star Time").

Bob Marley isn't.

The list has several non-"Legend" Marley records on it. Clearly, they're trying to get the reggae legend on here, represented well, but by putting "Legend" on here along with the rest of his records is silly.

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