Friday, July 13, 2007

No. 59: Meet The Beatles!

Band: The Beatles
Album: Meet The Beatles!
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: The Beatles are the most important band ever and this was the album that introduced them to America.
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: Well, for one, this album is simply a combination of "With The Beatles" and "Please Please Me" made for the American audience. So, why have this on the list when the other two are already there? It makes no sense to me.
Best song: Sure. Whatever. Let's say "I Want to Hold Your Hand."
Worst song: I'm not in love with "This Boy."
Is it awesome?: I guess, in that "With The Beatles" is awesome and this is basically a bastardized version of that album.

Ugh. As much as my complaints about putting greatest hits compilations on here is warranted, putting two copies of the same record on here is deplorable. "With The Beatles" is mostly an American reissue of the original British "With The Beatles" release, so why have it on here?

I'll leave my "With The Beatles" comments for when it comes up (no. 420, so we've got a ways to go). The inclusion of both records on this list
is idiotic.

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