Thursday, December 20, 2007

No. 287: Anthem of the Sun

Band: The Grateful Dead
Album: Anthem of the Sun
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: Um, it's not terrible background music. Certainly, the musicianship on the record is noteworthy.
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: Meandering solos, overly stocked rhythyhm sections (the album is the first with a second drummer) and awful vocals, "Anthem of the Sun" is everything I don't like about the Grateful Dead.
Best song: "Alligator" would be decent, if it wasn't long as hell.
Worst song: Everything is stinky.
Is it awesome?: I suggest no.

I thought I'd used up all my Deadhead jokes, but here's another one.

Where do you hide things from deadheads?
Under the soap.

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