Friday, January 4, 2008

No. 310: Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Band: The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: The Red Hot Chili Peppers sell a lot of goddamned records. Like, a lot of records. This is the first of those chart-smashing albums about lust, drugs and, uh, something. I don't know. Rocking.
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: If you want a straight definition of dumb, frat-boy rock, here it is. The music has the smallest tinge of funk while relying on rock guitar riffs and easy sing/shout vocals.
Best song: "Breaking the Girl" is probably the most interesting song on the record, though it's still a facsimile of a real song.
Worst song: "Sir Psycho Sexy" is basically Stone Temple Pilot's "Sex Type Thing," only worse.
Is it awesome?: I don't think so.

Before we get into this, let me say something about the Chili Peppers: I have no problem with Flea, Chad Smith and John Frusciante as musicians. They are all talented, if not hugely so. I love the work Flea did with Jane's Addiction when that band reformed in the late 1990s and find Frusciante's guitar work to be, at least, pretty inventive. Chad Smith is solid, if nothing.

(Anthony Kiedis isn't a singer, but he plays one in this band. His ability as a "front man" is seemingly more important to the band than his actual voice, but a lot of singers are cursed with the same affliction. He's handsome, ripped and mildly charismatic. That's enough for rock and roll. We can't all be Danzig, after all.)

Having decent players in your band does not automatically guarantee great music. I always look to Phish for an example of a band that can clearly play (listen to their musical costume stuff), but can't write a song to save their lives. In the case of the Chili Peppers, this is all too evident. The songs they write are either middle-of-the-road nonsense ("Breaking The Girl," "Under the Bridge," etc.) or white-guy funk nonsense ("Give It Away" and "Suck My Kiss").


Mike Judge's film "Idiocracy" posits that our culture is on a decline towards a desolate existence, framed by language entirely built on grunts and violence. I don't think you really need to look too far from television to see this. Football remains the most popular sport in the United States with NASCAR coming quickly behind. Both sports feature short bursts of loudness and the most one can hope for in either game is violence.

Our films, a lot of the time, rely entirely on dick jokes and fat suits. TV has gotten better, but the most talked-about jokes on some of the best TV shows seem to often be jokes about homosexuality or nudity. We oversexualize our youth (See the Spears girls for examples) and we watch news stories about lost blonde women as people in Darfur are shot for simply being an Arab or a Dinka.

With all of that said, I am not trying to be Bill Bennett here. I don't love these aspects of our culture. To be honest, I don't know if I can even judge these things or even what to compare them to. I've been watching old episodes of "The Muppet Show" recently and I can't say that a society of puns and stupid sight gags would really mean a better world. This is where our culture is and this is where our culture is going.

I'm not sure I know how to transition this to the Chili Peppers, but, this record reminds me of that culture. I imagine some of this association has to do with the rapid-fire singing that Anthony Kiedis tries. "Give It Away" is like getting hit by a vocal machine gun, while the chorus of "Suck My Kiss" has sporadic, but hard hits. On some level, I think it's because the people I meet who love the Chili Peppers aren't necessarily the Joe Francises of the world, but rather your regular frat guy who loves football, his pastel-shirted girlfriend and calling his friends "fag" when joking. He doesn't mean anything homophobic with it, but he is just too lazy to think up a good insult ("needle-dicked bug fucker" always works).


With that said, it's hard to overexplain how popular this record was when it came out. The band's conversion from metal metal funksters to pop music curiosity was nearly overnight thanks to "Blood Sugar Sex Magik." Admittedly, I was just a young kid, but it seemed like one minute their cover of "Higher Ground" was on MTV and the next, they were headlining Lollapalooza.

The draw, I think, is of the kiddie pool shallowness and bang-bang short attention span of the lead two singles, "Give It Away" and "Under the Bridge." The frat guy crowd presumably went nuts for "Give It Away," if only because each line of the song's non-sequitor lyrics could be presumed to be about something. Often, the lines were -- the bit about a river is about River Phoenix -- and often, the lines about "fertility" and "giving it" were simply about sex. Like the rest of the goddamned album.

"Under the Bridge" has more of a somber one, being about (of course) drug use. The band's attempt at being Queen doesn't really work on a large level, though it's a valiant effort towards time changes, singing about something other than sex and a real breakdown. Is it a great song? Hardly, but it's better than "Give It Away."

By the way, here's one of the images from the sleeve artwork:

Honestly, this is made for meatheads. Tribal tattoos and muscles.


While talented, I can't see the Chili Peppers for much other than a cheap ripoff of Faith No More. Both had mercurial singers, funk tendencies and a genre-mix style. Faith No More, of course, was harder edged and not radio-friendly. The Chili Peppers? Basically, a neutered Faith No MOre.

Honestly, it's hard for me to really take seriously a band whose entire oeuvre deals with the cliche of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Really, what else is on this album other than a few lines of half-witted philosophy in "Give It Away?" Not much, if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

what a fucking terrible, terrible band - it's like the antithesis of all the intelligent post-punk bands (gang of four, PIL, etc.) that actually made a real effort to fuse funk and/or dub reggae with trad gtr rock. oh and don't forget the part where they mercilessly rip off fishbone.

it's an amusing coincidence that they're back to back with jane's addicition - one of those cases where two bands are taking quite a similar approach but one (moderately) succeeds where the other fails abysmally. I think you nailed it - the dudes from jane's were just miles better at writing coherent songs, eric avery's basslines especially. oh, and farrell can't sing but I find his david byrne/jon king scratchy warble to be far less irritating than kiedis.

R.J. said...

That's absolutely true. It's a strange coincidence that they come so close to one another, as they do the exact same thing, only one does it with skill.

Still, it's a sad state of affairs that BSSM is so popular. It just reinforces the meathead contingent of our nation. That really depresses me.

JR said...

Again, it all comes back to the Simpsons.

The existence of RHCP is completely justified by this little bit from Krusty Gets Kancelled:

Krusty the Clown: Now, boys, the network has a problem with some of your lyrics. Do you mind changing them for the show?

Anthony Kiedis: Forget you, clown.

Chad Smith: Yeah, our lyrics are like our children, man. No way.

Krusty the Clown: Well, okay, but here where it says, "What I got you gotta get and put it in ya," how about just, "What I'd like is I'd like to hug and kiss ya."

Flea: Wow. That's much better.

Arik Marshall: Everyone can enjoy that.

Comedy gold.

Other than that, the band was okay before this when they were more funk metal (still inferior to Fishbone, but not bad). They remind me of Aerosmith a bit, in that they realized that pop music is where the fame and money is, so let's do that instead of doing the stuff that mattered to us when we started this band. Let's make the same song over and over and abandon the only things that made us even remotely listenable.

(Though admittedly, in Aerosmith's defense, that thing it gave up is heroin. But I think we can all agree they were much better doped up.)

Anonymous said...

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fft said...

I like it... I listened to it a lot when it came out. Sometimes its okay to just rock. I don't buy the whole Bill Bennett meathead argument... to me its hypocritical. You don't always need to get your life advice from the same place you get your rock & roll from.

That said, I don't listen to it much anymore and I wouldn't put it in my Top 300 list. Maybe that's why its 310.

Anonymous said...

Any haters of RHCP are just ignorant peices of shit who couldn't reed between the lines if there life depended on it. There are few bands that can write and make music about life experiences, that have actually lived the words. Everything Anthony is singing about turns a page back to his life history, or that of his band members. That is what music is supposed to be, a gateway to the soul. Sorry if his shit is too deep for most of you assholes to understand, maybe you should go pick up the new Atreyu, or whatever indie rock bullshit that is popular right now and have a grand 'ol time listening to it with your buddies while sipping on a perfectly mixed cocktail. Welcome to the real world, bands today have no fucking heart in their music. Todays generation is what is going to look past real music to get the latest COOL shit off itunes. Anyone who doubts RHCP's greatness should pick up Anthony's book, sit down with their soy latte, and find out where real music comes from. Fuck all you haters.

Anonymous said...

ditto that shit.

Anonymous said...

I don't fully understand where this assumption that they sold out to make money has come from.
Their music is different on that album because they had a different producer, Rick Rubin, and he lead them away from their fast paced mad songs and to a more structured song process.
All their songs are written about life experiences not vulgar absurdities, if that's the way he lives his life then let him.

Why is it that people who think they are musical know-it-alls and basically like the popular bands (eg. Queen, as you mentioned) assume that just because people suddenly like a band, the band has sold out, the peppers didn't get much publicity until their fourth album, their music was to funked up to be on white radio and to rocking to get on black radio, its a mystery as to how they made to 5 albums by that standard.

If you'd ever listen to them speak and they way they appreciate life and its natural wonders, you'd realize that they aren't meatheads, they're beautiful intelligent souls singing about life, and guess what, life isn't always a barrel of laughs, sometimes shit happens that you might not want to hear about, and putting a bad rep on it doesn't make it go away.

Anthony isn't a singer, he doesn't even consider himself a singer, for the first few years of the chili peppers he never called himself a singer, he was a frontman yes, he always said he was a dancer, and a unique one at that, and by far the best lyricist around with that much energy to sing songs and put on a performance like he does.

Besides this whole thing is pointless, because i highly doubt that they care about the opinion of someone who posts it on the internet.

Will S. said...

im glad to see there are still some who defend this band and their legacy. their music is a gift to our society

and to those who seem too quick to take a qualified are you? honestly. your probably all suburbanites unable to identify at all with what this band has gone through. Judge not lest ye be judged. and a parting thought- the chili peppers are probably 10x more successful and happier than anybody who criticizes them will ever be.

Anonymous said...

i just stumbled across this anti peppers rant cause i googled the cover for blood sugar

you my friend need to chill out
BSSM has mor eheart packed into it than nearly every album since.
Songs sometimes become popular because they happen to be good!
Sounds to me , from your diatribe , that you listened to only three songs - albeit the singles.
I suggest listening to i couldve lied for one of thesaddest giutar solos ever improvised and read the lyrics to naked in the rain to completely refute your stamp of jock/frat/macho/nihilist labelings.
My children will have this album figuratively rammed down their throat as we had fleetwood mac or bowie or insert 70's rock act here
Thanks for giving me and my friends(no pun intended) something to laugh about.
now get back to your dave matthews band album

Anonymous said...

i always find it funny when people start firing their critique at bands whenever they become popular. maybe a band getting popular means that they're too damn good to be left in oblivion where the crappy bands end up. it's ridiculous to believe that the mass has no taste and therefore popular music must be bad. Mozart, Beethoven and Bach (just some examples, of course there are more possible examples) were popular too. so how come everyone has heard of these composers? because we're forced to believe these are great composers? no it's cause they actually were great composers. everbody has heard of the RHCP, rolling stones, metallica and many more of those huge bands because they are talented musicians who produce great music. no one has heard of bands like fishbone or jane's addiction simply because they are kind of crappy. about the critique on anthony kiedis his songwriting : i guess you have a taste for more coherent, predictable lyrics. which is fine, it's your right to have your own taste. but don't claim that the man who wrote under the bridge, otherside, californication and many more doesn't know how to write songs. i dare you to write one yourself.

Anonymous said...

dont start with that faith no more shit, coz their singer totally bit off anthony style, and they were well after the peppers, so do some research.

Queen - absolutely brilliantly imense band - however - at the same time, the most overated band since the beatles (also brilliant)

and (somewhat off topic) those aren't even tribal tattoos, their native american art, portraits, polynesian art, an octopus and elephants.

so fuck you "needle dick bug fucker", if those weren't the words of a frat boy meathead, then this review could be perfectly justified as you're opinion ...

but unlucky for you cocksmoker!

lol@yourthoughts said...

for as many things you have gotten wrong about this band; i feel i must do some minimal justice to them and note the song under the bridge is not about drug use. look into it you deceptive prick

R.J. said...

Keep 'em coming, everyone. I wrote this almost 18 months ago and you're just finding it.

Let me reiterate: This, like all of the site, is my opinion. I didn't get anything "wrong." I called their music crappy

"Tribal" being attributed to "tribes," I would suggest I wasn't incorrect in calling the tatts as such.

I made assumptions about RHCP fans which, admittedly, probably don't describe all of the band's fanbase, but, really, that's a polemicist for you, no? If you take offense at that, you are in the wrong place, my friend.

I may have mistaken timetables vis a vis Faith No More and the band, but, the greater point is that FNM and RHCP do similar things. Timing is less important than content.

I have made mistakes in this (now very old) project. The Billy Joel fight was one in which I was wrong. But, I stand by this particular piece. I hate this album, I hate this band and I think the band's listeners are morons.

And with every comment, I learn more...

R.J. said...

Also, I would like to address "Anonymous" to kiss my hairy Jewtalian ass because of this:

"but don't claim that the man who wrote under the bridge, otherside, californication and many more doesn't know how to write songs. i dare you to write one yourself."

That is the biggest straw man argument in the history of the world. I'm not a songwriter. I'm a Web Producer/journalist by profession and education. I'm a (prose and critical piece) writer by hobby.

We all criticize people who do things we cannot. I'm not a singer, does that mean I can't criticize William Hung? Bill James can't hit a curveball, does that mean he's not a great baseball writer? Roger Ebert never directed a movie (he did write one), should we take away his Pulitzer?

Johnny Mack said...

this is hilarious... love 'em, hate 'em, whatever. you probably had better things to do than to write an 'opinion' on these guys, but you went ahead and did so anyways. you couldn't be more off... the Chilis never made it mainstream until they were 5-7 years into it, because they were not accepted by the 'meathead/jock/fratboy/etc.' group. those 'fags' were too busy listening to Cinderella/Whitesnake/Poison/etc. They weren't listening to STP's 'Sex Type Thing' yet, because it didn't exist until BSSM had released their 5th LP. by the way, they got popular at the same time and for the same reason a whole bunch of other bands became popular... it was cool to be different. kinda like how it was probably cool in your little friend group to hate RHCP so you blogged about it. the thing is, strangely enough, the consensus was correct, RHCP was different and fresh for the majority of mainstream music. i'm surprised you didn't know this being such an intellectual on the subject. Maybe we should hop in our DeLorean and go back to the days of Firehouse and Tesla, where the real music was.

i'd love to see them write an 'opinion' on what you do and manipulate it into a judgement on who you are.
... "what a horrible, God foresaken blogger - it's like Satan himself sharted out this piece of worthless belly button lint and posted it on the internet for all his community college 'friends' could see it. Crying for acceptance and a reassurance that it's okay that he still wets the bed at the age of 19. How funny it is that he's rejected by the community AND not getting a dime out of all this nonsense..."

p.s. i LOL'd at the cocksmoker comment... it's funny 'cause it's true.

R.J. said...

Johnny Mack, I take umbrage at your community college comment. I have a Master's in journalism, thank you very much.

Otherwise, good comment. While I don't agree with it -- and it's full of unnecessary personal attacks -- I do think it was mildly inventive and much more impressive than the other ones posted here.

Also, since we're getting personal, I'd like to mention that "Johnny Mack" is about the least original nickname I've ever heard.

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Anonymous said...

Highly disagree.

The band itself is far from frat boy meatheads. During the making of BSSM the guitarist John Frusciante has said when the band wasn't recording he would often go to his room and listen to Trout Mask Replica and The Residents for inspiration (I know of no frat boys that enjoy the captain). You can hear alot more of that in his solo album "Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt" which was recorded at the same time as BSSM.

As for Anthony, his lyrics are definitly somewhat juvenile sometimes, I can't disagree with that. I do think though that they actually came from a real place for him, if I were to judge him I'd think hes a guy with mother issues because he seems to indicate that sexuality and sensuality is a highly spiritual thing for him and connection with women takes up alot of his mind. I only flipped through his biography once at a Barnes and Nobles, but at many of the points he talked about sex he would often talk about it in abstract spiritual terms of connection with the girl or the universe.

Also I don't think the band ever intended to "sell out" with the record by going pop. The band members said they felt a pull in a different direction, Flea was inspired by minimalism after spending the past 4 albums trying to cram tons of notes into his bass lines and John says he felt he was closer to his own style in this album than "Mothers Milk" because the producer pushed him to use a "heavy metal" fuzz tone and he felt he had to mimic Hillel Slovak. Besides that he says he left the band during the world tour because of the abrupt change he felt from being in a house recording for a month and brewing in creativity to promoting an album and dealing with being an overnight "rock star".

So I'd say the Chili Peppers music comes from a real place for them that has nothing to do with partying or the mindless pursuit of sex and drugs. They aren't my favourite band though by any means. I'm a big fan of John Frusciante's solo career anyways.

I just had to reply because I felt an amount of true anger or distaste with the band and I think it might be misplaced. I figure a person can't change the way they feel when they hear a certain song, and if you feel it's trashy then thats just how your person must react to it I suppose. I dunno, I just think of the band as very genuine and good people. I'm pretty sure they love music in a very transcendent way and it seems odd to call a band like that basically everything that is shallow and wrong with western culture.

Anonymous said...

Blood Sugar Sex Magik is an incredible album with incredible musicians. Kiedis is a poet and a story teller. as for the comparison between Sir psycho sexy and sex type thing, they sound totally different and the chili peppers released Sir psycho sexy before the pilots released their first album!

Every band matures and the styles change as well. While every band has their share of issues it is interesting to see how the artists progress through life and how they are able to express and share that with us through their music. I find that RHCP do an incredible job of just that.


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