Friday, January 18, 2008

No. 330: In the Jungle Groove

Band: James Brown
Album: In the Jungle Groove
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: Compiling several of JB's best songs fro the 1970s, "In the Jungle Groove" has hits like "Funky Drummer," "Hot Pants" and "Soul Power."
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: It's a compilation and compilations are silly for this list, even for a guy who was mostly a singles artist.
Best song: "Hot Pants." Hot pant hot pants hot pants hot pants.
Worst song: It's a great compilation. The whole thing is awesome.
Is it awesome?: Sure, but it's essentially "The best of JB in the 70s."

A compilation album -- even for JB -- is still a compilation. We've already got the JB boxed set on this list, so this one should probably not be on this list.

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