Friday, February 22, 2008

No. 380: Sunflower

Band: The Beach Boys
Album: Sunflower
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: Criminally underrated due to Brian Wilson's absence, "Sunflower" is a well-written and well-produced album that doesn't really sound like the Beach Boys.
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: The record is a little unnerving, as it doesn't really sound like the Beach Boys. It makes for an odd listen.
Best song: "Our Sweet Love" is beautiful.
Worst song: I don't love "Deirdre."
Is it awesome?: Not really, but it's better than I thought it was.

This is the Beach Boys?

The harmonies of songs like "This Whole World and "Cool, Cool Water" sound like the Beach Boys we all know, but the arrangements sound like something out of the catalogs of Love or The Zombies. "Even the vocals on songs like "This Whole World" are nowhere as sweet as earlier Beach Boys records.

Nevertheless, the album shows that the Beach Boys weren't all just surfing and cars without Brian Wilson. "All I Wanna Do" is a hauntingly pretty song. "Forever" is a straight up ballad with a well-rounded arrangement.

"Pet Sounds" is probably overrated and "Sunflower" is probably underrated.

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