Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No. 225: The Complete Hank Williams

Band: Hank Williams
Album: The Complete Hank Williams
Why Rolling Stone gets it right: Because two discs of Hank Williams wasn't enough, so, why not 10 discs of Hank?
Why Rolling Stone gets it wrong: Seriously? Ten discs?
Best song: Oh, whatever.
Worst song: Oh, whatever.
Is it awesome?: Sure, but it's 10 goddamned discs.

As much as I complained about the Marley greatest hits thing, this is just idiotic. One or the other, Rolling Stone. I understand Hank Williams is probably the most important country singer ever, but having his entire output, while also having a greatest hits disc 100 spots ahead of it is ludicrous. They didn't even do that for the Beatles!

So, if you care about my feelings on Hank, here they are.

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